The After Lodge Podcast

Episode 102 - Show of Lies!

Episode 101 - The Big Reunion Show

  • It's a 100th episode reunion . . . on episode 101
  • Big Matt takes a seat at the table
  • Friend of the Show Jack brings treats - real Knickerbuddy bars! With free dues cards!
  • Half-Sack joins us, with a trailer of Corporate Companies
  • The crew helps Harlan get in the Christmas spirit - with Hanukkah gifts
  • Ass. Producer Marshall speaks the unspeakable to Jason
  • How to play with a Dreidel
  • Harlan dances for joy and nobody had a video
  • Canada Dry sends a congratulatory letter to the After Lodge Crew
  • The Chaplain shows up in a Santa Clause suit (really!!)
  • Truman shows up to share hugs and touches
  • R.W. Landscaper Josh departs and Friend of the Show Jack produces a taser
  • We offer a sincere apology to the M.W. Has-Been for his missing invite (It's all Worshipless Producer Bruce's fault)
  • Dad jokes!
  • We uncover our voice-mail box!
  • Deacon Doug re-visits to discuss Obama, Muslims, gun-control, and the poor plight of the white man in 'murca
  • You can decline an office nomination, but you can't decline the soap-sock beatings
  • The Chaplain finally returns . . . wearing someone else's robes and discusses another mid-week show
  • We have officially outlasted Glenn Beck!
  • Jason acquires a witness to support the mustard-arm-hair account
  • How the After Lodge podcast ended Freemasonry
  • We reminisce about the past 101 weeks
  • We thank Jazz, for doing Bruce's job
  • Thanks again to all who listen, contribute, love, hate, or otherwise acknowledge that we exist!
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Episode 100 - White Rock Quarry

Episode 99 - From the Archives: Earning Freemasonry

Episode 98.5 - Upcoming Niptials

  • The Chaplain wrangles Nipples, J.P.M., Most Worshipful Has-Been, and Brother^3 to do a mid-week show
  • Our best wishes to the Brethren of Washington with the "storm of the century"
  • How are other peoples weeks? Nipples asks the audience
  • The older brothers advise Nipples on how to propose to his girlfriend (during Thanksgiving dinner)
  • The Chaplain asks the J.P.M.: Why are you still here?!
  • Should you ever voluntarily receive a courtesy degree outside of your home Lodge?
  • Are intra-state jurisdictions outdated?
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Episode 98 - Equal Opportunity Offense

Episode 97 - Fraternal Disobedience

Episode 96 - Tolerance for the Intolerant

Episode 95 - Hill Williams

Episode 94 - Fellow Craft Nipples